3 moas
Welcome to math!

That’s me on the right, happy to be making math in an unexpected space (the Minnesota State Fair in 2015) with some great math friends!! This blog is a space of musing, reflecting, and unapologetic overthinking/question asking. Conversations and push back are not only welcomed but encouraged.

A little more: I am a percussive dance teaching artist, Heinemann author, TEDx presenter, editor, and math explorer.

My book Math on the Move: Engaging Students in Whole Body Learning was published by Heinemann, Fall 2016 and draws on research in math education, cognitive science, and my experience in the math/dance classroom to make the case for how and why the body is the perfect partner in learning math.

Also in 2016 I also the co-authored a book of games, puzzles and activities centered on the mathematics of making comparisons. In 2014 I curated and edited a special issue for the Teaching Artist Journal focused on writing about teaching practice. 

Find me at malkerosenfeld.com, at mathinyourfeet.com, on Twitter, at my Math on the Move Facebook group and/or on the Math in Your Feet Facebook page.

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