Pulling Together #EndFamilySeparation #womendisobey

I have been slowly working my way through Daina Tamina’s book Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes.

hyperbolic plane is a surface in which the space curves away from itself at every point. Like a Euclidean plane it is open and infinite, but it has a more complex and counterintuitive geometry. The hyperbolic plane is sometimes described as a surface in which the space expands. [Source]

My investigations of the hyperbolic plane has coincided with the current horrors in the U.S.  I started my investigation of how different ratios impact the structure of the final (infinite) product. One thing I had to change about my crocheting was to adjust my typical “tension” (how tight or loose your stitches are). For Hyperbolic crochet you have to make much tighter stitches. I think this is because when you crochet tightly the surface stays relatively stiff allowing you investigate and  mainupulate it more easlily than if the gauge is looser.

As I’ve been working on tightening up my stiches I’ve also been mourning the thousands of young lives impacted by the racist, xenophobic, HATEFUL, men and women carrying out the work of creating an endless life of chaos for children and their already persecuted families. Tightening up my stiches has also helped me stay focus so I can keep a semblance of composure for my daughter’s sake. As I’ve been crocheting I’ve realized the metaphor of this effort — I am working to literally tighten the bonds between each loop, to keep them strong and together with dignity. I was raised agnostic but this piece I’m making is a mathematical version of a prayer shawl. Each firm connection between one loop and another is my hope and prayer that somehow, someday, separated families will be reunited in joy and healing. I will not stop until the horrors stop.

I will, of course, continue to engage in other activities to help restore jutice and humane treatment of those who seek asylum on our borders but I will not stop pulling the stitches as tightly together as I can until this human-made catastrophe is resolved.  Here are the first few stages of the 5+1 Hyperbolic Plane with the most beautiful structure I’ve seen so far and the most beautiful yarn I have ever encountered. I hope, although I am not completely hopeful, that this current bit of history will resolve peacefully within a democracy that has, so far, stood the test of time. I plan to update my progress here.

Week of June 17, 2018




Week of June 24, 2018


Week of July 2, 2018


Week of July 9, 2018

July 9

Malke Rosenfeld CroppedMalke Rosenfeld is a percussive dance teaching artist, Heinemann author, editor, math explorer, and presenter whose interests focus on the learning that happens at the intersection of math and the moving body. She delights in creating rich environments in which children and adults can explore, make, play, and talk math based on their own questions and inclinations.You can find out more about her work at malkerosenfeld.com,  on Twitter,  Instagram, or Facebook.

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