Infinity Loops

Yes, I know they’re formally called Mobius Strips, but as I made and played with three different versions of crocheted loops (all made with one piece of yarn…only pausing to give them a twist and then keep on going) they totally felt loopy to me. There’s video at the end of this post that will give you a sense of what that might feel like. For now, behold my first three Infinity Loops!


My first loop echoed the ones I’ve made with paper. I used single crochet stitches with no increases, only pausing to give it a twist and connect the two ends with the same piece of yarn. This was a bit challenging for me spatially since I’m not much of a puzzle person but I figured it out.

File Dec 28, 10 49 17 AM

Then I wondered how it would look and what it would feel like if I added some ruffles.

I felt some anticipation with this one…I crocheted a 20 loop chain, single stitched down its length, gave it a twist, and connected the ends. I wanted ruffles and did two half-double crochet stitches in each loop all all the way around.  One thing I noticed was though there was only one edge, lol, I still knew how much I had left to do. I finished it off with a little embellishment with a variegated yarn which added no stitches.

My next wonder was how it would look and feel if I made the edges REALLY ruffly. I did a 30-chain, single stitched down the chain on both sides, gave it a twist and crocheted three half-double crochet stitches in each loop.

The best thing about this third iteration is that it’s a two infinities in one: infinity loop and spiral!

File Dec 28, 10 48 39 AM

File Dec 28, 11 22 38 AM

The VERY BEST part of making these objects, especially this last iteration, is getting to PLAY with them. This video will give you a sense of what a spiraling infinity might feel like.


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