“A circle is straight all the way around” and other stories of thinking with #mathart

Story #1

Me: So tell me about this blue structure.

File Sep 21, 4 14 13 PM

3rd grader #1: So this is a four snowman and I couldn’t build it up and make it 3D. I tried my best to make it 3D.

Me: So, you said earlier it was a four circled snowman? But they’re not circles, are they?

3rd grader #1: Mmmhm…

Me: How are they circles? Tell me more about that.

3rd grader #1: Well I tried to make them circles but they kept coming up and stuff so I tried to make them circles by putting them straight because a circle is just straight.

Me: So tell me more about straight, a circle being straight.

3rd grader #1: It’s straight by doing that [turning a paper circle while keeping her finger on the edge of the circle]  it’s straight all the way around.

I wanted to know a little more about what she was thinking so I asked if she would describe it a little more on video. By asking the question a second time she had even more to share.

Story #2

3rd grader #2: This is the flower that I made.


Me: Okay, can you tell me how and why you did that?

3rd grader #2: This picture [below, which was a project to color in any way you wanted it], it did not look so easy. So then I made something like this [his flower] to do it.

File Sep 21, 4 08 25 PM

Me: Oh, what made you think to do those lines from the inside to the outside?

3rd grader #2: Well…[pointing to the the flower outline]

Me: Oh, that they look like that [the thin petals in the “flower”]?

3rd grader #2: Uh huh, and all that I’ve done looked so beautiful that I had to draw a circle on the outside because I love circles.

Story #3

Later she also said: “It’s weird” that the shadow of my hand is flat but the cube looked three dimensional.”

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