My NCTM Innov8 Workshop: Vote it up and see you there!

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It appears that my session proposal for the new Innov8 NCTM conference (St. Louis, MO, November 16-18, 2016) has been shortlisted and is awaiting your vote!  Here are some details about my 30 minute video interactive which I will deliver if voted up by the populous of #mathed land!

Beyond Mnemonics: The Body as an “Object to Think With”

We know kids love to move—in fact there’s a developmental imperative at play that cannot be ignored.  But how can we harness this innate playfulness in a way that moves students, literally, toward conceptual understanding of Pre-K to 2; 3 to 5 mathematics? Through multiple video examples learn how the whole, moving body can be a strong partner in the math learning process, not a break from it.

Fun Fact #1

The session title is also the title of Chapter 3 of my upcoming book, due out Fall 2016.

Fun Fact #2

To support educators in bringing whole body math learning into their classrooms I am building a Facebook group which, in conjunction with the new book, focuses on building a community of practice, support, and collegiality around this kind of  work. I haven’t fully launched the group, but if you want to get in on the fun please join us! Group members will start seeing previews from the book and other relevant articles and resources as the summer progresses.

You can vote for the session on the Presentation Picker. Thanks for the consideration and I hope to see you there!

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